Reuben Butler

Hair Black
Eyes Green
Height 182cm
Age 31
Location New Zealand - Auckland

Request Actor


Note – currently has short hair



Abseiling, Acrobatics, Artist, Badminton, Basketball, Bass Guitar, Guitar, Body Boarding, Body Surfing, Bodybuilding, Boxing, Builder, Carpenter, Choreographer, Comedian (Stand-Up), Composer, Contemporary Dancer, Dancer, Cricket, Diving - Scuba, Fishing, Full Licence, Golf, High Baritone, Singer, Horse Riding, Hula Hoop, Indoor Cricket, Kapahaka, Kick Boxing, Landscape Gardener, Martial Arts, Mountain Biking, Netball, Physical Theatre, Plumber, Pool, Rock Climbing, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Sailing, Sculptor, Secondary School Teacher, Sky Diving, Soccer, Squash, Stage Combat Training, Stunt Performer, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball, Wrestling, Writer



Acting Experience


2023Hui Hoppers, 'Jared'

Three Feathers Productions Ltd Dir: Anahera Parata
2022Toi Time!, 'Buzz'

Rogue Productions Limited Dir: Wayne Leonard & Rob McLaughlin
2019Ahikāroa; Series II, 'Hot Guy 1'

Kura Production Dir: Various
18-19The Dead Lands, 'Various'

General Film Corporation Dir: ​Peter Burger/Michael Hurst


2019The Glow Show, 'Various (lead)'

Fuzzy Duckling Media Dir: Midge Perez/Chantelle Brader
2019A Midsummer Night’sDream, 'Puck'

Pop Up Globe Dir: David Lawrence
2018Hine Kihāwai, 'Various (lead)'

Taki Rua Productions, National NZ Tour Dir: Erina Daniels
2018Merchant Of Venice, 'Jessica/Servant'

Pop Up Globe Dir: David Lawrence
17-18A Midsummer Night'sDream, 'Puck'

Pop Up Globe Dir: Miles Gregory
17-18Portrait of an Artist Mongrel, 'Various'

Hapai Productions Dir: Nancy Brunning
2017Hinepau, 'Rua (lead)'

Taki Rua Productions Dir: Jamie Macaskill
16-17The Land Eaters, 'Various'

Te Rākau Theatre Dir: Jim Moriarty
16-17Public Works, 'Will Meier (lead)'

Te Rākau Theatre Dir: Jim Moriarty
16-17Dog and Bone, 'Taiki Kenning (lead)'

Te Rākau Theatre Dir: Jim Moriarty
16-17The Ragged, 'Various'

Te Rākau Theatre Dir: Jim Moriarty

Television Commercials

2023Mental Health Foundation , ''CHUR! All good, bro?''


Voice Work

2023'The River' podcast, 'Officer Jerome Hika'

Pito Productions Limited
2023#Love Better 'The Break', 'Series host'

Vice NZ

Musical Theatre

2018Hine Kihāwai, 'Llive guitarist'

Taki Rua Productions Dir: Erina Daniels
2018Beneath Skin and Bone, 'Musician/Performer'

OiOi Productions Dir: Neenah Dekkers-Reihana

Live Performance

19-20Modern Māori Quartet, 'Singer/Performer'

2018Hip Hop Artist, 'Performer'

Pasifika Festival (Aotearoa stage)


11-13Bachelor of Stage & Screen Acting

Toi Whakaari New Zealand Drama School


Voice Characteristics

Retail, Character, Bloke, Comedy, Deep, Energetic, Friendly, Gaming, Kiwi, Rich, Smooth