Millie Hanford

Hair Brown - Dark
Eyes Blue
Height 151cm
Age 26
Location New Zealand - Auckland

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Acrobatics, Aerobics, Ballet Dancer, Contemporary Dancer, Dancer, Jazz Dancing, Tap Dancing, Choreographer, Comedian (Stand-Up), Director, Full Licence, MC, Mezzo Soprano, Singer, Netball, Physical Theatre, Piano, Recorder, Stage Combat Training, Theatre Sports, Voice Artist, Writer, Yoga


American (standard), Mid-Western, New York, Australian, British, Cockney, French, German, Russian, Irish

Acting Experience


2022Think Tank, 'The Actors' Program'

Dir: Caroline Bell-Booth
2017Adam & Eve Show, 'Whitebait media '


2023The Hare and the Tortoise, 'Tortoise, Cheerhare and Dragon'

TAPAC Dir: Sarah Somerville
2022The Wheel

The Actors' Program Dir: Benjamin Henson
2020Lysander's Aunty, 'Hermia'

Trick of the Light, Court Theatre Dir: Hannah Smith, Dan Bain
2019Scared Scriptless, 'Court Jesters'

2019Escape From Haunted House, 'Veronica The Vampire'

Court Theatre Dir: Dain Bain
2019The Early Late Show, 'Court Jesters'

2019Hansel And Gretel, 'Gretel'

Court Theatre Dir: Dan Bain
2018A Paintbox Of Clowns, 'Blue'

Court Theatre Dir: Dan Bain
2018The Little Prince - Anthony Harper Summertime Theatre

Dir: Holly Chappell-Eason
18-21The Early Early Late Show, 'Court Jesters '

2017Robin Hood - Anthony Harper Summertime Theatre, 'Friar Tuck'

Dir: Daniel Pengelly
2017Two Girls' One Shop , 'MDMA'

Dir: Dan Bain
2017Lysistrata, 'Lysistrata'

Court Theatre Dir: Holly Chapell-Eason
17-21Scared Scriptless, 'Court Jesters'

2016The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz - Anthony Harper Summertime Theatre, 'Glinda'

Court Theatre Dir: Daniel Pengelly
2016Honk! Jr., 'Beaky'

Impact Dance and Stage School Dir: Mandy Roberts, M.D. Charlotte Taylor


14-16Coca-Cola Christmas In The Park, 'Back Up Dancer & Kids Crew'

Dir: Coca-Cola Christmas In The Park
13-16What Now, 'Various'

Dir: Impact Dance & Stage School
15-21Impact Dance and Stage School, 'Teacher: AJDA Jazz, BAL Tap'

Dir: Impact Dance & Stage School
18-20Rachael Palmer Dance School, 'Teacher: NZAMD Tap'

18-21Pitter Patter Dance School, 'Teacher '


2022The Actor's Program, 'Certificate Of Acting'

17-21Court Jesters: Improvisation

16-17Court Theatre Youth Company

04-15Impact Dance and Stage School

01-10Canterbury Ballet