Mandy McMullin

Hair Brown - Light
Eyes Blue
Height 157cm
Age 66
Location New Zealand - Auckland

Request Actor


Photographs by Andi Crown



Dancer, Dog Handler, Full Licence, Full Motorcycle Licence, Horse Riding, Landscape Gardener, Nurse (Registered), Rowing, Sailing, Swimming, Yoga

Acting Experience

Feature Film

1989Bread & Roses, 'Featured'

Preston-Laing Producrtions Dir: Gaylene Preston


2011The Politcially Incorrect Guide to Grown Ups, 'Aunty Mary'

Razor Films Ltd Dir: Various
2011Power Rangers: Samurai, 'Mrs Dagget'

Power Rangers Productions Dir: Various
1998Xena: Warrior Princess, 'Adiah'

Pacific Renaissance Pictures Dir: Patrick Norris
1997Hercules, 'Refugee'

Pacific Renaissance Pictures Dir: Various


2019Dual and Duality, 'Petunia'

Going West Writers Festival Dir: Cathy Downs
2013High School Hangover, 'Mother'

Auckland Fringe Festival Dir: Kate Vox

Television Commercials

2022Asahi - Long white vodka

NZ, 15 mths
2021Instant Kiwi

2018New World

2018ASB True Rewards

NZ only

Voice Work

2011Power Rangers: Super Samurai, 'Mrs Dagget (character voice)'

Power Rangers Productions Ltd