Kieren Hutchison

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Hair Brown - Light
Eyes Blue
Height 175cm
Location North America - Los Angeles

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Australian, Boston, Canadian, New York, RP, Southern American

Acting Experience

Feature Film

2021Merry Ex-Mas, 'Myles'

Hyperborea Films Dir: Jacob Cooney
2008Polar Opposites, 'Dr. Bradley'

Baby Steps Entertainment Ltd Dir: Fred Olen Ray
2006Sea Of Fear, 'Tom'

Even Keel Productions Dir: Andrew Schuth
2001No One Can Hear You, 'Robert Player'

Daybreak Pacific Dir: John Laing


2019Who Stole My Daughter? (tele-feature), 'Tim Sullivan'

Lifetime Dir: Nadeem Soumah
2017Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television, 'Edison Owner'

YouTube Premium Dir: Rawson Marshall Thurber
2014On Paper (tele-feature), 'Bob Lewis'

Dir: Ron Oliver
2013Grimm, 'Andre'

NBC Dir: Noberto Barta
2011Shortland Street, 'Jonathan McKenna (core cast)'

South Pacific Pictures Dir: Various
2010Castle, 'Cody Donnelly'

ABC Dir: Various
2010CSI: NY, 'Finnegan Hansard'

CBS Dir: Various
04-08One Tree Hill, 'Andy Hargrove'

Warner Bros. Television Dir: Mark Schwahn
06-07Wildfire, 'Kerry Connelly'

Lions Gate Television Dir: Various
2004Charmed, 'Mitch'

Spelling Television Dir: Various
2000Cleopatra 2525, 'Johnny'

Pacific Renaissance Pictures Dir: Various
1992Shortland Street, 'Jonathan McKenna (core cast)'

South Pacific Pictures Dir: Various


2019The Waits For No Man, 'Various'

Dir: Nikita Tu Bryant
2019SICKO, 'Ellie'

Dir: Matt Baker
2017Personal Malfunction, 'Various'

Dir: Georgie Silk
2017The Last Man on Earth us Trapped in a Supermarket, 'Various'

Dir: Ben Anderson
2016Call of the Sparrows, 'Various'

Dir: James Roque
2015The Mooncake & the Kumara, 'Leilan'

Dir: Katie Wolfe
2015Puzzle, 'Blue'

Dir: Ben Anderson
2014Lantern, 'Jen/Rose/Various'

Dir: Matthewson & Hamish Parkinson
2014Just Above the Clouds, 'Cloud'

Dir: Ben Anderson
2013Hui, 'Ming Zhue'

Dir: Erina Daniels
2013Just Above the Clouds, 'Various'

Dir: Ben Anderson
2013F.O.B, 'Grace'

Dir: Andrew Moorhead