Jaxin Hall

Hair Brown - Light
Eyes Hazel
Height 180cm
Location New Zealand - Auckland

Request Actor



Artist, Bass Guitar, Body Boarding, Body Surfing, Cycling, Director, Full Licence, Presenter, Swimming, Voice Artist


American (standard), Australian, Birmingham, Boston, Bronx, Canadian, Cockney, Dutch, French, German, Irish, Liverpool, Manchester, Mid-Western, New York, Newcastle, RP, Russian, Scottish, South African, Southern American, Spanish, Swedish, Yorkshire

Acting Experience

Feature Film

2022Samara, 'Neighbour'

Dir: Logan Marshall
2005The Chronicles Of Narnia: Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe , 'Soldier '


2022Shortland Street, 'Scott Lawson'

2021My Life Is Murder, 'Marcus Farrow '

2007Rude Awakenings, 'Julian Rush '


2005Sex With Strangers, 'Jesse'

Dir: Colin Mitchell

Web Series

2023After Endor, 'Scout'

Dir: Jaxin Hall

Short Film

2023Forever, 'Dad'

Dir: Logan Marshall
2005A Fairly Good Tale, 'D'Artagan'

Dir: Gerard Johnstone

Television Commercials

2005Greggs Coffee, 'Lead'

Dir: Gaysorn Thavat
2003Spark/Telecom Broadband, 'Lead'