Emma Campbell

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Hair Blonde - Light
Eyes Green
Height 175cm
Age 27
Location New Zealand - Auckland



Ballroom Dancer, Body Boarding, Body Surfing, Dancer, Diving - Scuba, Full Licence, Funk Dancer, Hula Hoop, Jazz Dancing, Lacrosse, Mezzo Soprano, Mime, Netball, Physical Theatre, Salsa Dancer, Singer, Surfing, Swimming, Theatre Sports, Water Polo, Yoga


American (standard), Australian, British, Irish, Southern American

Acting Experience


2022Shortland Street, 'Caroline Cooke'

South Pacific Pictures Dir: Mia Blake


2022Maybe Something Different Will Happen, ' Tiresias'

The Actors Program Dir: Julia Croft
2020Alls well that ends well, 'The Countess'

Pop-Up Globe (Youth Company) Dir: Rita Stone
2019Animal, 'Ruth'

Basement Theatre Dir: Arlo Green & Harriett Maire
2019The Rover, 'Angelica Bianca'

Stray Theatre Company Dir: Ruby Payne
2018Little Town Liars, 'Narrator'

Auckland Music Theatre Dir: Annabel Reynolds
2018Saturday Night Vignettes, 'Lily'

Stray Theatre Company Dir: Chloe Bagayas
2018Here & Now: You First, 'Host'

Auckland Theatre Company Dir: Lynne Cardy
2018The Frogs , 'Dionysus'

Stray Theatre Company Dir: Ben Shand-Clennell
2018Two Gentlemen of Verona , 'Lucetta/Outlaw '

Auckland Summer Shakespeare Dir: Alex Bonham
2017Speakeasy , 'Nathalie'

Stray Theatre Company Dir: Caleb Wells
2017Bacchae:Fuse, 'Emma'

University of Auckland Dir: Andrew Foster
2017Comedy of Errors, 'Luciana'

Stray Theatre Company Dir: Caleb Wells
2017The Merry Wives of Windsor, 'Mistress Ford'

Young Auckland Shakespeare Dir: Stuart Devenie
2016The Adventures of Tom Sawyer , 'Amy Lawrence '

Auckland Theatre Company Dir: Margaret-Mary Hollins
2016The Tempest , 'Ariel'

Shoreside Theatre Dir: James Bel

Short Film

2022The Seance, 'Rachel'

The Actors Program/ Love Blood and Rhetoric Dir: Peter Burger
2017NZ Politics, 'Natalie'

Dir: Thomas Fink-Jensen
2017A Risky Project, 'The Female'

HP 48 Hours Dir: Caleb Wells


2018Acting Classes

Juliet Furness
2021The Actors Program

2017Vocal Masterclass

Sylvia Rands
2016Trinity College of London

Grade 8 Shakespeare