Ella Edward

Hair Red
Eyes Blue
Height 163cm
Age 24
Location New Zealand - Auckland

Request Actor


Headshots by Andi Crown. Hair currently Auburn



Acrobatics, Martial Arts


American (standard)

Acting Experience

Feature Film

2016The Changeover, 'Nicky Green'

Firefly Films Dir: Stuart McKenzie & Miranda Harcourt
2015The Rehearsal, 'Isolde (lead)'

Rehearsal Films Ltd Dir: Alison Maclean


2010Denk nur an uns Beide (tele-feature), 'Alice'

GFC (Germany) Ltd Dir: John Delbridge
2009Legend of the Seeker: season II, 'Young Cara'

The Walt Disney Company (NZ) Limited Dir: Various
2009Power Rangers: RPM, 'Little Girl'

Ranger Productions Dir: Vanessa Alexander


2015Tom Sawyer, 'Becky Thatcher'

TAPAC Dir: Magaret-Mary Hollins
2014Uncle Minotaur, 'Puppeteer / Chorus'

Young & Hungry / Basement Theatre Dir: Katy Jade
2014Fingerprints, 'Acrobat'

Q Theatre Dir: Eve Gordon & Carlene Newall

Short Film

2021Disrupt, 'Tracey'

Dir: Jennifer Ward-Lealand
2010Munted, 'Katrina (lead)'

MF Films Dir: Welby Ings

Television Commercials

2021Auckland Transport

NZ only

Voice Work

2009Power Rangers: RPM, 'Loop Group'

Ranger Productions Dir: Various


2021Specialist Screen Masterclass

with Miranda Harcourt