Cassandra Woodhouse

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Hair Brown - Dark
Eyes Green
Height 175cm
Age 41
Location New Zealand - Auckland



Aerobics, Badminton, Basketball, Body Boarding, Body Surfing, Boxing, Cross Country Running, Dancer, Full Licence, Horse Jumping, Horse Riding, Hula Hoop, Netball, Presenter, Primary School Teacher, Salsa Dancer, Swimming, Table Tennis, Theatre Sports, Voice Artist, Writer, Yoga


American (standard), Australian, British, Canadian, Cockney, French, Italian, Liverpool, Manchester, Maori, New York, Newcastle, RP, Scottish, South African, Southern American, Spanish

Acting Experience


2016Filthy Rich: Season II, 'Tiana'

Filthy Productions Ltd Dir: Various
2016Shortland Street, 'Sofia Fuego'

South Pacific Pictures Dir: Various Directors
2013The Almighty Johnsons: season III, 'Promo Girl'

South Pacific Pictures Dir: Various Directors
2013Tall Poppies (pilot), 'Lead'

Dir: Louis Mendiola
2012The Blue Rose, 'Stacey'

South Pacific Pictures Dir: Various directors
2009Shortland Street, 'Rose'

South Pacific Pictures Dir: Various directors
2008Outrageous Fortune: season IV, 'Hayley'

South Pacific Pictures Dir: Various directors


2022Hanna, 'Lead'

NZ Theatre Company Dir: Jennifer Ward Lealand
2022Country House, ' Nell'

Dolphin Theatre Dir: Mike Daley
2022Persuasion, 'Lady Russell'

Dolphin theatre Dir: Robyn Fleming
2019Time Stands Still, 'Sarah'

Dolphin Theatre Dir: Zane Fleming
2018Blithe Spirit Play, 'Elvira'

Detour Theatre Dir: Kim Williamson
2016Crimes of the Heart, 'Meg'

Dolphin Theatre Dir: Ami Rose
2014That Woman, 'Estée Lauder / Gloria'

Dolphin Theatre Dir: Cynthia Cahill
2014Women Down Under, 'Shelly (lead)'

Dolphin Theatre Dir: Robynn Bull
2012The Doll's House, 'Nora Helmer (lead)'

Dolphin Theatre Dir: Syd Mannion

Web Series

2020The Eggplant, 'Susan'

Motion Sickness
2020Chloe and The, 'Izzy'

Halo Productions

Short Film

2015Every Little Thing, 'Rachel'

Dir: John Harris

Television Commercials


NZ, 2 months
2022Toffee Pops

2020Keep It Real Online

NZ only



2021Casting Hothouse

with Jami Rudovsky
20-22Acting Classes

with Diane Castle (LA), Imagined Life Studio




Based in Auckland, Cassandra is a Mother, Actress, Model and Integrated Nutrition Health Coach. She is passionate about living a full, authentic, healthy, positive and conscious life.

She undertook her pursuit of wellness after years of struggling with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, weight gain and low self esteem. The birth of her daughter ignited a desire to travel, to learn and to question the norm; not only with her own health but the health of her new baby. While continuing to work in front of the camera, she also enjoys travelling the globe to find what resonates with her as a mother and as a woman on the quest for wellness and self discovery.

Cassandra is inspired to share the insights she has had and continues to discover.